Our villas in the Douro valley provide a wonderful base for you to explore this stunning region of Portugal. All of our Douro Villas are located in the area known as the  ‘vinhateiro’ (winegrowing).

This area has long been devoted to vineyards and is  designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Traditionally, the wine was taken downriver in flat-bottom boats called ‘Rabelos’, and subsequently stored in barrels in cellars near the mouth of the River Douro facing across river from the city of  Porto.  The journey down river was perilous with rapids and rocks to content with, many lives were lost over the years.

rabelo boat douro river
Rabelo Boats with Port Wine Sailing Down River

Finally in the 60’s and 70’s, large dams with locks were built along the river, allowing boats  to travel safely from deep in the border regions of Spain down to the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean on Porto. So nowadays the Port wine is transported by less ‘romantic’ but much safer modes of transport – large trucks!

However the legacy of the ‘Rabelos’ lives on as they have been preserved by many to offer visitors the opportunity to explore the length of the Douro.

douro valley river boat tour
Our Private Boat for Your Douro River Tour

We are therefore delighted to offer private boat trips with the option of a delicious lunch on board (no matter the weather) – send us an email to get more details or ping us on our Facebook  or Instagram page.

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